Preserving Oklahoma City

Many believe Oklahoma City is not historic. George Washington never slept
here. But our city has a rich history; a city of oil barons and political activitists and pioneering pilots. There is much history, and much worth preserving.

Oklahoma City's greatest asset is its wealth of historic neighborhoods; the stately mansions of Heritage Hills, the Olmstead influenced layout of Edgemere Park, and the significance of Edwards Neighborhood, the first African-American subdivision. Preserving Oklahoma City has grown beyond the idea of little old ladies in hats. Historic preservation means business and economic development. It is a tool for the revitalization of our city.


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The Criterion Group is dedicated to preserving Oklahoma City's built environment through education, outreach, and finding workable business solutions for historic properties.  To join, CLICK HERE!

Why does preservation make economic and cultural sense?  CLICK HERE to visit The Criterion Group's FAQ section.


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